About the Author

Max Stoa, an ardent explorer of wisdom and a passionate student of life, has been intrigued by the philosophical underpinnings of human existence since a young age. His journey took a significant turn when he encountered the pragmatic wisdom of Stoic philosophy. Ever since then, he has delved deep into Stoic teachings, exploring their timeless insights and their relevance in the contemporary world.

A devoted practitioner, Max Stoa turned to Stoicism during challenging times, finding solace and strength in its teachings of resilience, tranquillity, and perspective. He utilized these principles to foster inner peace and clarity, and he felt compelled to share this transformative journey with others.

“Living Like a Stoic” is the culmination of his profound engagement with Stoicism. It reflects his insightful interpretations, personal experiences, and valuable lessons learned through years of study and practice. As a first-time author, Max Stoa’s goal was to craft a book that provides an accessible, relatable, and comprehensive guide to Stoicism that resonates with the modern reader.

Through this book, Max Stoa extends an invitation to explore Stoic philosophy in a deeply personal context, allowing readers to draw their own path of self-discovery and growth. His lucid style of writing combined with relatable anecdotes and practical exercises demystifies Stoicism, turning it into a living philosophy that can be incorporated into daily life.

Outside of writing, Max Stoa continues to share Stoic philosophy through various platforms, inspiring others to embrace Stoicism’s practical wisdom. He is not only an author but an enthusiastic advocate for Stoicism, aiming to make philosophy an accessible and integral part of people’s lives. In his leisure time, he enjoys exploring nature, meditation, and the arts. Max Stoa’s journey with Stoicism continues to unfold, and he eagerly shares his insights and discoveries with his readers.

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Release date: 15th August, 2023