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An insightful guide into the practical applications of Stoicism in everyday life.

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Release date: 15th August, 2023

About the Book

“Living Like a Stoic” is a comprehensive exploration into the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and its enduring relevance in our modern lives. The book is intended to serve both as an introduction for newcomers to Stoicism and as an in-depth study for those already familiar with the philosophy, seeking a practical guide for everyday application.

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About the Author

Max Stoa, an ardent explorer of wisdom and a passionate student of life, has been intrigued by the philosophical underpinnings of human existence since a young age. His journey took a significant turn when he encountered the pragmatic wisdom of Stoic philosophy. Ever since then, he has delved deep into Stoic teachings, exploring their timeless insights and their relevance in the contemporary world.

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A Glimpse into 'Living Like a Stoic'

Before you embark on your journey, here’s a brief excerpt from ‘Living Like a Stoic’:

‘When we think of control, we often envision ourselves at the helm of our destiny, manoeuvring through the vast oceans of life. Stoicism challenges this notion. It invites us to see control from a different perspective – not as a means to assert our will upon the world, but as a way to navigate it with wisdom, acceptance, and tranquillity.’

This is just a fragment of the insights waiting for you in ‘Living Like a Stoic.’ The book is filled with such thought-provoking narratives, practical exercises, and transformative reflections that aim to guide you towards a more resilient, serene, and purposeful life.

Here’s a brief look at what the chapters hold:

1. The Origins of Stoicism

2. Key Tenets of Stoic Philosophy

3. Pioneers of Stoicism: From Zeno to Rufus

4. Rufus: The Forgotten Stoic

5. The Legacy of Rufus

6. Applying Stoicism in Everyday Life

7. Resources for Further Learning

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Release Date: 15th August 2023

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